Our festival site is fully equipped to ensure that you as a visitor, have a relaxing and comfortable stay with us! Please take a look through our onsite facilities below:

Clean portaloos and sanitising stations (regularly serviced)

Clean showering facilities and ‘proper toilets’ (extra charge - please see  VIP camping add ons)

Drinking water points

Refuse area

Dedicated first aiders and stewards onsite 24/7


It’s so important that you bring the right essentials to Glampfest, to make your camping experience with us as smooth as possible! Make sure to pack for all weather, whether it rains or shines, so you feel comfortable through the festival weekend.

Here are a few essentials that the Glampfest team recommends bringing…


Sleeping bags/pillows

Sleeping mat

Camp chairs

Camp tables


Picnic Blanket

Kitchen essentials (no BBQ’s or open fires allowed)

Toilet Roll

Hand Sanitiser/Wipes

Personal belongings to bring:

Waterproof coat


Sun hat

Bodywash & towel

Plenty of layers!




Ear Defenders

Refillable Water Bottle

Portable Phone Charger & Cable


Please carefully observe our campsite policy below before joining us at Glampfest.

Please do NOT bring any of the following onto any part of the Glampfest Site, including car parks and campsites:



Glass bottles


Open fires


Chinese lanterns


Illegal substances of any kind

A modest amount of alcohol may be carried into the campgrounds, but please DO NOT bring any alcohol onto the festival grounds. At each point of entry to the festival venue, bag searches will be done.

For reasons of intoxication, disorderly conduct, or for violating any of these rules, we reserve the right to refuse entrance to or eject any person from Glampfest.

We will be taking photographs and filming this event. By entering the event you consent to your image being used in any future Glampfest and Glampfest promotion. Please visit the organisers office or speak with the photographer or camera crew there if you do not want your picture to be used.

The festival and campsites both forbid drone use. Flying drones over populated areas, such as festivals, is against the law. Such an offence is punishable and carries a potential 5-year prison sentence as well as a possible limitless fine. Equipment will be seized from any drones and their operators who are caught in mid-flight, and authorities will be notified so they can take further action. We appreciate your help and support with this.

If any of your personal belongings are misplaced or harmed while you are at Glampfest, we apologise. No responsibility may be placed on the event planners, venue owner, or Charity Partners. Never leave any valuables unattended in your camper or tent, as this is highly advised.

Glampfest is held on agricultural land. The event planners and the property owner would like to remind you that there may be difficult terrain on the paths and grounds inside the event and camping sites. Visitors are asked to exercise caution, especially after dark or in muddy or wet circumstances, even though every reasonable effort has been made to assure your safety at all times. Both the event planners and the venue owner decline responsibility for any injuries experienced while on the premises as a result of the ground conditions.